Tobias Geisser
Position(s): Defence Realistic Potential Rating (1-10): 7.0C Draft Year: 2017

Tobias Geisser is two-way defenseman with excellent size and mobility. Sees the ice well and plays crisp passes to spark a team’s transition game. Has a long reach and shows a smart defensive game, while keeping his plays simple. Needs to improve his physical play and has to make better use of his excellent frame, as he plays a soft game. Owns a hard shot, which makes him a valuable option for the power play. (by Rafik Soliman, May 2017)

Realistic Potential Rating (1-10)
10 -Generational talent
9 -Elite forward / defenseman / goaltender
8 -First line forward / No. 2 defenseman / No. 1 goaltender
7 -Second line forward / No. 3-4 defenseman / journeyman No. 1 goaltender
6 -Third line forward / No. 5-6 defenseman / Backup Goaltender
5 -Fourth line forward / No. 7 defenseman / depth goaltender
4 -Top minor league forward / defenseman / goaltender
3 -Average minor league forward / defenseman / goaltender
2 -Minor league role-player
1 -Borderline minor league player
Realistic Probability Rating (A-F)
A -All but guaranteed to reach potential
B -Should reach potential, could drop 1 rating
C -May reach potential, could drop 2 ratings
D -Unlikely to reach potential, could drop 3 ratings
E -A player that will not report to their CHL team
F -A player possessing little potential

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