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Bonne séance de repêchage 2015 pour les Oilers malgré nos rangs de sélection...
63e AHSQ Christian Fischer RW/C (32e NHL 2015)
Le meilleur coup des Oilers sans contre dit!
Fischer sera un solide power forward avec tir foudroyant + excellente vision du jeu.
Aime joué robuste, déranger les gardiens adverses le style de joueur des Oilers!
A two-way power forward that specializes in consistency. Skates very well, and accelerates rapidly both forward, on the attack, and backward, on the backcheck. 
Possesses a quick wrist shot that is very accurate, and is also able to release a bomb of a slapshot. Very well-rounded offensive game, with some flare thrown in at times. 
Always aware of positioning, as that seems to be a concentrated area of his game. Not afraid to get physical, and exhibits a solid amount of grit every game. 
All-in-all, a consistent, responsible, and complete forward that can be counted on to step up in the game's key moments. -Source Élite|Hockey Prospects-
102e AHSQ Sergey Zborovskiy D (79e NHL 2015)
Défenseur robuste avec de bonne main a décidé de progresser en Amérique du nord. 
Le russe de 6'3 sera un bon #3 #4, devrais atteindre la grande ligue d'ici 3ans!
172e AHSQ Radovan Bondra RW (151e NHL 2015)
L'un des plus grand joueur de cette séance de repêchage à 6'6 Bondra est un beau projet à long terme.
A hulking power winger that plays a skill game, Bondra is a shifty skater blessed with predatory offensive instincts and a nose for the net. 
Good puck-handling ability; protects the puck exceptionally well with his size. Could be more physical, but that will come. 
All-in-all, a talented scorer that can be very difficult for the opposition to contain. -Source Élite|Hockey Prospects-
173e AHSQ Christian Wolanin D (107e NHL 2015)
La ligné Wolanin, espérons qu'il sera aussi fiable que son paternel Craig Wolanin.
208e AHSQ Deven Sideroff RW (84e NHL 2015)
Malgré qu'il est petit Deven est très rapide et talentueux, il démontre une belle éthique de travaille et surtout une grande détermination.
An offensive winger with tremendous work ethic and determination. 
Possesses quick feet and quick hands to go along with a high level of thinking when it comes to coming up big in the game's key moments. Good vision and compliments his linemates on the rush. 
Shoots the puck on-net when he has the puck in a good position, and when he isn't in a good position he can hold onto the puck or make a quick play to a teammate. 
All-in-all, a smart hockey player with noticeable speed and determination; plays above his age level.
-Source Élite|Hockey Prospects-